About Us

Curious about the construction of our year-round, vacation rental property in Crosslake, Minnesota? If you answered yes, you are like many others who have reached out to ask how we built this unique and beautiful property! Because of this interest, we thought we would create a place where people can learn more about the contractors and methods we used!

First and foremost, we will start with construction. To achieve the goals we had in mind when designing The Landing On Route 66, we chose to use a local General Contractor who specializes in Post Frame Construction, Structural Buildings. Why did we choose Structural Buildings, you might ask? We chose them for a variety of reasons, but a few of them were the most important. First, they had a strong reputation and 35 years of experience, so we knew we would get a quality building. Second, because the sales representative was extremely knowledgeable and we trusted him to work with us on every detail to make sure that our final product exceeded our expectations. Lastly, they were a general contractor so we knew that they would be able to assist us with all of our needs, from beginning to end. In the end, we were very happy with our decision. See more about why we chose Structural Buildings here.

For this particular project, Structural Buildings used Post Frame Construction to complete the full shell of our building which is 60' x 96' x 18'. Of this footprint, we have a few different uses. First, 3,840 Square feet is a perfect storage area that is fully lined and insulated and finished with a Polyaspartic floor coating by GTX Garage Tech Extreme. Next, 800 square feet is used as a cozy Mancave, complete with a bathroom, theatre seating and more! Last but definitely not least, approximately 2,500 Square feet is a beautifully finished Vacation Rental Property that comfortably sleeps 12 people and never disappoints! This year-round property has been very popular with its guests, not only because of its location in the center of Crosslake, Minnesota, but also because of it's unique style and beautiful finishes that were all completed by North Country Building of Crosslake, MN. From the tiled showers, to the gourmet kitchen, this Vacation Rental Cabin is one of a kind! See more in our gallery!

Make sure to check us out on the 2021 Mid-Minnesota Builders Association Spring Virtual Home Tour!